Yuck! (in a good way): Slime powered by STEM Technology

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There are a lot of useful things you can make from petroleum and natural gas:  gas for your car, jet fuel for an airplane; a golf ball or a football; plastic pipe or plastic wrap.

But the science crew at Valero has something you can make that is TRULY useful.  Slime!

So clear off the kitchen table (spread out some newspapers, or plastic wrap); gather up your kids (young and young-at-heart); and get ready for an experiment in the “home lab”.

Stuff you’ll need:

½ cup white glue (like Elmer’s).

1 squirt of foaming shaving cream.

2 pumps of foaming hand soap.

3 pumps of hand lotion.

Borax (in powdered form, which you can usually find in a grocery or hardware store).

Food coloring (your favorite color).

Glitter (if you like a sparkly slime).

What you’ll do:

Pour the ½ cup of glue into a bowl (no, not the holiday china).

Add the squirt of shaving cream, the two pumps of soap and the 3 pumps of lotion.

Mix.  Well.

Add food coloring (and the glitter, if you’re using it).

In a separate bowl, mix (also well) equal amounts of borax and water (try a half-cup each to start).

SLOWLY pour the borax solution into the first bowl while you mix with your fingers until it feels like…slime!

Enjoy!  Or whatever it is a person does with slime.

Just in case: 

If the slime starts to get sticky, blend in a little more of the borax and water solution.

If the slime gets onto anyone, vinegar will get the slime out of clothes and mayo (yes, really) will take the slime out of hair.

And if you are a visual learner:

You can find a video to follow along here:  How to make slime