Who are you calling two-faced?

Fuels |  2 min. read

Call someone “two-faced”, unless maybe you’re talking to Anya Stark (and if you’ve got GoT on your watchlist, you know what we mean) and you’re asking for a fight.

But call Eric Wright’s Chevy Silverado two-faced, and he’d probably say, “Yeah, you’re right”…

(Photo from Cars Insider, by way of GM Authority)

…because there really IS a front end, on BOTH ends.  Two cabs, virtually identical (steering wheels, seats, the works).  And it’s on the road in that picture, because it drives like any other truck, two-faces and all.

But while it looks the same on the outside from either end, there is a difference under the hood.  On one side, there’s what you’d expect to find under a hood – an engine.  On the other side, lift the hood and you’ll find what Eric Wright calls the “world’s biggest trunk.”

(And to make it legal to drive, it’s got those big red brake lights in the “back”, where the headlights ought to be on that end.  In the “front”, there are actual headlights.)

The truck originally was built from two Chevy Silverados – a joint effort by a Chevy dealership and a GMC dealership in Arizona.  They’d take turns parking it out front, and it was of course, to get attention (it still turns heads too, every time Eric Wright takes it out on the road).

Now, if you want to take that up a notch, you might put a trip to Indonesia on your bucket list, and have a look at…

(Photo from AFP)

…a Toyota (well, two Toyotas, actually) with two fronts, engines, two steering wheels, two sets of pedals – but from the looks of it, no trunk.  You’ll have to go to it though.  Last we heard, this two-faced sedan was not considered street legal.