Tree planting drones can plant up to 400,000 seeds in a single day.

Sustainability |  < 1 min. read

If you’ve been following us here, you’ve seen the news that planting trees is an excellent tool in the fight against global warming (they “breathe” in carbon dioxide, the global warming gas).  And that’s a win all around since our planet does have room for more trees, a trillion or so and trees have other benefits too (like shade and fruit, not to mention making for a nice view).

But you might be thinking.  I could plant a tree in the backyard (or maybe a ficus in the living room). But a TRILLION TREES, how’s THAT going to happen.

Here’s one answer:  drones.

A single drone can plant thousands of tree seeds in a single day, and then go back out and do it again the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that (well you get the idea).  And we know this, because it’s already happening.

An outfit called Dendra (that’s Greek for “tree”) Systems has been working with a non-profit group to plant mangrove trees in Southeast Asia.  Dendra says that two operators, handling 5 drones each, can plant up to FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND seeds in a single day.  Not a bad start.

And how does a drone plant anything?  They “shoot” seed pods (biodegradable, and packed with plant food along with the seeds) into the ground.  Nature takes care of the rest.  But because it can be tough out there in nature, the drones have to be tough too.  High-tech polymers make them light and durable, polymers that start with the petrochemical, propylene.

Johnny Appleseed, 21st century style, helping us and the planet keep our cool.