This year’s NHL All-Star Game…will make our oceans a little cleaner

Sustainability |  2 min. read

When Sidney Crosby and Auston Matthews, Joe Pavelski and Alex Ovechkin (oh, wait, he bailed) and Connor McDavid and the rest of the NHL All-Stars took the ice on January 26 – you might have thought there’s something wrong with your TV.

That’s because the NHL did TWO new things with the jerseys this year:

First, they were black and white – black with white for the “home” team; white with black for the “away” team – and each jersey had the logo of that player’s team on it.  (So don’t try adjusting the color, there isn’t any!)

Second, this year’s jerseys were made of plastic.  And not just any plastic – plastic pulled out of the ocean and recycled into high-tech sports fiber.

(Photo from the NHL)

(The NHL has a closer look at the new jerseys here.)

Adidas used Parley Ocean PlasticTM for this year’s jerseys, the same fabric from recycled ocean plastic, that they’ve used previously in soccer gear for teams like Juventus and Manchester United.

And you know that means plastic works as a sports fabric, lightweight and breathable, if the best hockey and soccer players in the world are wearing it (in case you were wondering how comfortable a “plastic” jersey could be).  That not’s a surprise either, since the PET plastic used to make water bottles, for example – in a different form is the polyester used to make all sorts of clothing – and all of it is made from two basic petrochemicals, ethylene and xylene.

The full moniker for these new NHL jerseys is “adizero Authentic Pro x Parley” and if you’re asking yourself, “Can I get one of them?”, you know the answer is, yes you can (adidas has them, though we’ll warn you, they aren’t cheap).  But adidas also has other sports gear made with Parley, including shoes and workout clothes, along with jerseys and shorts.

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