This Is How Your Holiday Packages Will Make The Trip

Fuels |  < 1 min. read

Doing any Christmas (or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or any other holiday) shopping online this year?

Ok, that’s a big “Duh!”  Who isn’t?

So just a note that of those eight zillion packages, the ones we get, the ones we’re sending to someone else.

(Baby Shark puppets?  Ryan’s Giant Mystery Egg?  An Avengers’ Power Gauntlet/Electronic Fist?)

About 7.999 zillion make the trip powered by some combo of planes, trains and automobiles (no, not the same kind in the famous John Candy movie). Think more of your commercial truck, van, freight train or airplane.

(An Echo Dot?  A DJI Spark drone?  AirPods Pro, with the engraved case, of course?)

There shouldn’t be any surprise in that really.  Fuels produced by America’s refiners have been putting Christmas under the tree since for the last century.

(An Instant Pot?  A Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker?  A KitchenAid mixer?)

So — Happy Holidays (whatever you’re shopping for)!