There’s an app for that (getting gas delivered to your car)

Fuels |  < 1 min. read

“Two orders of dumplings, spicy beef with eggplant, sweet and sour soup, rice – oh, and ten gallons of gas.”

Yep, that could happen.  And in fact, if you just want the gas delivered – it can happen right now.

You can get a weekly fill-up, gas when you need it, air for your tires (and our readers know how important that is for good gas mileage), an oil change, a car wash – wherever your car is parked, whether or not you are there – and you arrange it all, on an app, on your phone.

So you can skip the drive to the gas station or the car wash, and have your car taken care of, while you are taking care of something else.

Now you can’t do this everywhere – yet.  But if you’re in or around Minneapolis-St. Paul, you can now.  Cleveland or St. Louis?  Also available for you now.  And if you live in Austin or Atlanta, Nashville or Tampa or Chicago, LA or the San Francisco Bay Area – you could already be signed up.

Never heard of this?  Yoshi is the name of this service (the fuels partner is ExxonMobil).  You can find their app wherever you usually find your apps, or you can check them out online:  Yoshi.

Why “Yoshi”?  Well, that we don’t know, so you’ll have to ask ‘em.

And maybe one day – you WILL be able to get that pizza delivered, along with that tank of gas – so everyone (and everything) can get a fill-up at the same time.