Run on Less Crosses the Finish Line

Fuels |  < 1 min. read

If you could improve your gas mileage by more than 50 percent – you’d probably think that was a pretty good deal.

So imagine you could do that for every big rig in North America – that would be a huge “pretty good deal.”

And that’s the deal “Run on Less” has put us on the road toward.

Run on Less is a nationwide truck driving experiment which consists of 17 days of 7 trucks driving around the country – different roads, different loads, different trucks – all of them with different combinations of gear and tech to test out different ways trucks could get better miles per gallon.

Now you can’t change over every truck on our highways overnight, but all 7 trucks only used off-the-shelf tech and parts, so this wasn’t a laboratory experiment, it’s change we can get started on in the real world.

Run on Less is a collaboration of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, the Carbon War Room, Shell and Pepsi.

If you’d like to see tomorrow’s big rigs in action, you can watch them here:  Run on Less.