Recycled bottles make good ski wear

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Hitting the slopes this month?  Don’t forget your water bottles.

Not just because you need to stay super hydrated out there, but because you could be out there schussing in your slick new jacket – made FROM water bottles.

This gear by Naikoon isn’t made up only of recycled water bottles.  Mostly, in fact, it’s cotton.  But it’s recycled plastic (R-PET) that gives these jackets and pants their distinctive feel — and also helps keep skiers warm and dry on the slopes

And for that, we’ll turn the story over to Powder, the ski magazine – since they know more about life on the slopes than we do, and their review of Picture (the maker)’s Naikoon ski wear:

“At first glance, I would have never guessed the jacket and pants in front of me were, at one point in their lives, just a pile of plastic bottles.  Wearing them, the very first thing I noticed about the Naikoon jacket and pants was how soft the fabric was. …I was expecting a stiff, hard shell exterior.  Instead, I [got] a soft malleable kit that boasts a 20k/15k/waterproof/breathability rating. An on-mountain water bottle mishap demonstrated the jacket’s ability to easily bead and shed off water (I spilled easily half a Nalgene across the front of my jacket) and even in a field of new, wet powder, the pants kept my legs warm and dry.”

Translation:  good news for skiers – but good news for all the rest of us as well.

Even if we’ve never carved anything more challenging than a turkey at Thanksgiving, it IS good to know that the plastic bottles that serve most of us well every day – around the house, at the office, in the gym – can keep working hard in a second, recycled life – like on the ski slopes.

(You can read the full review here:


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