Project Green Fleet retrofits over 3,000 school buses in Minnesota

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Q:  What do you get when you mix yellow and green?

A:  A really clean school bus!  (Yes, THAT kind of green.)

Or if you’re in Minnesota, you get about 3,200 really clean school buses.  Clean, because their old diesel engines have been either replaced with new cleaner diesel engines, or retrofitted.

Good news for everybody in the North Star State, but especially the 300,000 kids who ride those buses every day.   And good news made possible, thanks to the folks who make the fuel for those buses, Flint Hills Resources’ Pine Bend refinery and the other partners in the state’s Project Green Fleet.

Those 3,200 buses by the way, represent every school bus in the state that was eligible for the program, which means Project Green Fleet, Flint Hills and the other program partners had some time on their hands.  Or did.

Now they are working to retrofit or replace older diesel engines on city buses, big rigs, bulldozers, even trains.  The total there so far:  more than 1,300 cleaner engines, and counting.

Project Green Fleet (Flint Hills Resources was a founding sponsor) is a program of Environmental Initiative, a public-private statewide collaboration set up to find solutions to Minnesota’s environmental challenges.  So maybe it does take a village to turn a yellow school bus green.

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