Pretty in Plastic

Technology |  2 min. read

The first red carpet of the season rolled out at the Grammys, to be followed by the Oscars and – well before 2019 is over, a lot of red carpet will have been walked on.

Winners and losers?  Your predictions are as good as ours (maybe better).  But we’ve got one lock for you – expect to see more than one star pretty in plastic.

That’s recycled plastic we’re talking about – recycled and turned into fabric (although perhaps some bold celebrity will hit the carpet in a gown made from actual plastic bottles!).

What makes us so sure?  We’ve already seen it…

…like Emma Watson at the 2016 Met Gala.

(Photo from Rumour Juice)

…that’s 100 percent recycled bottles she’s wearing there (the work of converting plastic to wow, Calvin Klein did that).  And the “Met” – that’s the opera company, not the baseball team, in case you were wondering.

Or Lily Cole…

(Photo from Rumour Juice)

…at the Oscars. Recycled plastic bottles again (Vivienne Westwood-style).  And maybe it’s no surprise that a Star Wars star would choose something future-forward.

You might not think that your humble water bottle could hold its own next to Colin Firth, but Livia Firth says, oh yes (with an assist from designer Antonio Berardi).

(Photo from Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

This picture is a two-fer:  you get to see what Salvatore Ferragamo was thinking, and what he actually made.  But what he made the dress from, was a yarn created from plastic ocean trash.

So don’t forget to drop your next water bottle in the blue bin – because its next stop might be the red carpet!

(And if you’re in that “inquiring minds want to know” group, the reason a plastic bottle can turn into a floor-length gown – is that you can make them both from the same building block:  the petrochemicals that are produced from oil and natural gas.  And so, the chemists can turn xylene, for example, into polyester – and polyester has many variations, including the plastic that can become a bottle, and the fabric that can become a gown.)