Oil That Battery!

Technology |  < 1 min. read

Tired of waiting – and waiting, and waiting for your phone or laptop battery to charge up?

Try adding a little oil.

Ok, at home – but researchers led by a team at Rice University have found that asphalt (made from petroleum) added to those lithium batteries – speeds up charging 10 times, even 20 times faster.

How cool is that?  This cool: “The capacity of these batteries is enormous, but what is equally remarkable is that we can bring them from zero charge to full charge in five minutes, rather than the typical two hours or more needed with other batteries.”  That’s Rice professor James Tour, speaking to Futurity.org.

Want even better?  A side benefit of the new combination battery, is that it prevents “dendrite formation.”  Significant, because, as Futurity puts it, dendrites “invade a battery’s electrolyte … and can cause the battery to fail, catch fire, or explode.  But the asphalt-derived carbon prevents any dendrite formation.”

Oh, and the asphalt/lithium battery – is easier to produce and costs less too.

So jump a short distance into the lithium-asphalt future – and if you drain the battery on your phone watching a movie or a game –  take a popcorn break, plug in your phone – and by the time you’re back, so’s your phone.  Thanks asphalt!