New study finds that diesel trucks are better than ever

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The best pickup truck in America?

Some people say Chevy Silverado.  Some say Dodge Ram.  Or maybe you like a truck from the Ford F-Series.

Good trucks, all of them.  And they’ve all got something else in common too:  they’re all cleaner than ever.

That’s the news from the Diesel Tech Forum, which recently shared results from a new study that finds today’s full-size pickups, powered by modern diesel engines are getting better gas mileage than ever.

Those engines run cleaner, use fuel more efficiently and go farther between fill-ups.  Excellent news for all of us whose work requires hauling or towing, or for anyone who just likes driving an American-made truck.

The secret?  Well, there isn’t really any secret.  Just hard work on the part of the companies that make the truck engines, which are more fuel efficient without sacrificing power, thanks to engineering tweaks like variable injection timing and turbocharging. Today’s advanced diesel engines also are more effective at controlling emissions. And hard work on the part of the companies that produce the diesel fuels, which contain 97 percent less sulfur, making them cleaner than ever before. In fact, when you combine advanced engines with cleaner fuels you can achieve a 10 percent cut in tailpipe emissions.

And there are other things to like about this new generation of diesel pickups.  Like, the top-of-the-line Ford and Ram diesel pickups, can pull up to 35,000 pounds behind them.  And, the heated seats and steering wheels.

So maybe you can’t teach an old dog a new trick but it turns out there are a lot of new tricks left in the old internal combustion engine.