New Helmet Technology to Protect Our Heroes

Technology |  2 min. read

How’s your Star Wars IQ?

Recognize this line?  “As you wish.”


How about this one:  “He’s no good to me dead.”

Ok, if THAT didn’t give it away, see if this reminds you of anyone…

(Photo from HiConsumption)

No, that isn’t “his” helmet, but this helmet reminds us of Boba Fett.  (Those lines WERE his lines though – two out of his four lines in The Empire Strikes Back.)

But while this helmet, made by DEVTAC, a Japanese company – would look at home on Boba Fett – in fact, it’s out on our planet today.

Here’s what its creators have to say about it:

  • The Kevlar® (a polymer, made from the petrochemicals benzene and xylene)-reinforced ballistic version can stop a round from a .44 Magnum.
  • You can customize the helmet with a heads-up display (with information like maps or troop locations). And there’s a ventilation system, plus fan, to keep the polycarbonate (benzene again, along with propylene through the Cumene Process) lenses from fogging up.
  • You can attach an infrared camera for night-vision capability.
  • It uses powerful magnets for quick on-off, and easy removal of detachable armor plates (to turn the full-on helmet into just a face mask, or vice versa as needed).
  • And yes, it DOES make you look like the warrior of the future.

Did You Know?

Kevlar® is made from aramid fiber, which is made from benzene and xylene, two key petrochemicals – and petrochemicals, are the chemicals produced by breaking apart or physically separating molecules found in petroleum or natural gas.  So while Kevlar® is not found in nature, it IS produced from what nature has given us.

At the moment, if you saw one of these, it’d most likely be on a SWAT team officer or maybe special operations forces – but Boba Fett-style gear does seem to be where warfare is headed (and we told you earlier this year about the “Iron Man” suit being developed by the U.S. military).

Meantime, if all this has you jonesing for more Boba Fett, you might want to check out the Boba Fett Fan Club (which is, yes, a real thing).