493.4 million reasons to celebrate National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

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“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

You know that one, right?  The unofficial motto of the postal service.

But while snow or rain, heat or gloom of night can’t stop the mail, there IS something that can – an empty gas tank.

Almost 200,000 postal trucks and vans are on the road moving mail, but they don’t move unless they’ve filled up first (diesel or gasoline).  And that’s not all that’s out there moving mail.  There are planes and trains, helicopters and boats and ferries – and just about all of them are also using some sort of fuel produced from petroleum (or natural gas).

Of course, if your address is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you can skip that paragraph.  Your mail comes by mule.

But for most of us, our letters, our packages, our catalogs, and yes, our bills (sorry) – all of which adds up to 493.4 million pieces of mail, EVERY DAY – most of that wouldn’t get to us, if postal employees weren’t getting to the gas station first.

So come February 4th, don’t forget to say something nice to the person who brings your mail – it’s “Thank a Mailman…

or woman Day”, after all.

And don’t forget a thought for what it takes to get that mail to your door…