Mo(w) better

Fuels |  2 min. read

The calendar turning to June means a lot of things:  the end of the school year, the start of summer vacations, and for a lot of us – mowing the lawn (and mowing the lawn again, and again).

We don’t have any new ideas about how to keep the kids busy, and you’ve probably already got your list of places to visit – but in case you haven’t been keeping up on the latest in lawn mowers – about that, we DO have some news for you.  And it’s good news too.

Want a lawn mower that doesn’t take up half the garage?  That would be a lawn mower that folds (the handle folds down, that is) so you can store it upright (it takes about the space of a wheeled suitcase)…with no gas or oil leaking.  (Toro makes that one.)

Tired of changing the oil in your mower (you ARE changing the oil, aren’t you?)?  How about a lawn mower engine that NEVER needs an oil change?  (Just a top-off now and then.)  Briggs and Stratton, and Kohler, both make lawn mower engines which fit that bill.

If the words “primer bulb” mean anything to you, you might be happy to know there are lawnmowers now that don’t need that anymore.  No priming, and no choke required.  Just pull, and mow.

Just like your car, your mower does best with fresh gas – but since you probably drive the car more frequently than you mow the lawn, it’s easy to run afoul there.  So here’s something new – a fuel stabilizer insert in the gas cap.  It drips a slow but steady concentrate into the mower’s tank (a fuel stabilizer helps keep your fuel fresh, and protects your engine), and when it’s empty, you just pop in a new insert.  The “Snapper” is a lawn mower with that feature.

And, this one doesn’t have anything to do with oil or gas, but – Briggs & Stratton says lawn mower engines with its Quiet Power Technology© are up to 50 percent quieter.  (But you might want to give it a listen in the store first, before you take it to the lawn some Sunday morning.)

Making gas engines work more efficiently, more effectively, even more quietly – that’s an ongoing project, from innovations in cars and trucks and planes, all the way down to the smallest engines and fuel tanks, like the ones in our lawn mowers.