Move over Rudolph: Santa’s got wheels

Santa has a lot of ground to cover on Christmas Eve, which got us to wondering why he never tried driving.

Maybe it’s because in the old days…

…while Santa certainly would have looked cool in shades, and the fins do have a little of that fly-through-the-air feel (in case Santa missed the old sleigh), his mileage wouldn’t have been great.  The average mpg in those days was just 14 and a half miles, so that’s a lot of pit stops.

Twenty years later…

…his mileage would actually have been worse (barely 11 mpg).  So ok, we understand why Santa stuck with the sleigh – though with eight reindeer (nine, if you count Rudolph), that must be a lot of stops to grab a mouthful or two of grass.

But we think Santa might want to reconsider.  These days, as engines and fuels get ever more efficient, the AVERAGE mpg for everything we drive is almost 25 miles per gallon – and if Santa did a little shopping around, he could easily be driving something that gets twice that mileage – 50+ mpg.

Less money for gas would mean more money for presents (or maybe a well-deserved raise for the elves).

And one plus about driving – no matter where you are, odds are, if there’s a road, there’s a place to get gas.  That means Santa wouldn’t have to worry about being stuck somewhere, waiting for AAA and a tow.  (Don’t forget the antifreeze though – the forecast for Christmas Eve this year is -7°.)

So just in case Santa does decide to shake it up a little this year, along with the milk and cookies this Christmas Eve, you might leave Santa a little present – a gas card!  (Or at least directions to your nearest 24-hour station.)

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