Modular plastic guitar provides over 50 variations in sound and playing experience.

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Top Photo from Boaz

Ready for one guitar to rule them all?  Take a look at the Boaz One modular guitar.

One guitar, which can be fifty different guitars.

For starters, you can choose one of two plastic (more on that in a moment) guitar bodies: a simple wing-shape or a more traditional electric guitar look.

Snap in or out, your choice of three different pickups.

Snap in or out, your choice of two different bridges.

Put them together, this way or that way, and you have one guitar with fifty variations in sound and playing experience.  So whether you’re feeling Jimi Hendrix or Hank Williams, St. Vincent, Paul Gilbert or Brian May, there’s a combination for you.

It’s even reasonably priced.  And the full body has a built-in guitar stand too!

This is no toy! The developer of the Boaz One is none other than master luthier (groovy term for “guitar maker”) Boaz Elkayam.  Never heard of him? Well, unless you’re into classical or flamenco guitar, you probably haven’t. He’s made some of the most beautiful and rich sounding guitars in the world. He’s also considered a classical virtuoso himself.

What really sets him apart from your typical luthier? He spent four years as a senior technical advisor to Professor Michael Kasha at the University of Florida Acoustic Laboratory and worked with Kasha and world-renowned luthier Richard Schneider to develop one of the most revolutionary acoustic guitars in the world.

If you’re into guitar, you really need to check these guys out! And while Boaz Elkayam has a classical background, with this guitar he definitely rocks!

And that plastic body?  We can tell you the prototype (according to FAQs on the Boaz website) is a polycarbonate that comes from petrochemicals like propylene and benzene. In a video interview, Boas says he eventually wants to use recycled ocean plastic for the body.  The truly innovative neck and frets are made from a high-tech, engineering thermoplastic called Delrin®, which starts with methanol and ethylene as the building blocks.  The result?  We’ll let the Boaz folks tell you that:

“The durable plastic body of the Boaz One won’t change forms in varying conditions, giving the player a perfectly tuned guitar at all times.  No need for a new setup every 6 months, saving you time and money!”

“Wooden guitars are easily susceptible to dents and cracks.  Boaz One is  made with durable, reinforced plastic.  This guitar can withstand:  bumps & scratches, heat, humidity, moisture, cold.”

And it sounds good too.  Sorry, wood.

Ready to unleash your inner guitar god/dess?  You’ll find the Boaz One on Kickstarter (your fellow guitarists have already put this project way over the top, but you can still get in).