Merebeth Veit logs over 60,000 miles a year as a “pet mover”

Fuels |  2 min. read

What do a French bulldog, a guinea pig, an Angora rabbit, a turtle, a hamster – and a cat named Traveller – all have in common?

Merebeth Veit’s car.

Veit is a pet mover.  Let’s say a pet owner has to move across country for a new job, or sometimes a new deployment (for families in the military).  Or sometimes, a pet owner-to-be finds their new pet online, in a different city or different state.  Transactions might be virtual these days, but to get a new pet to a new owner – that takes an actual car and driver, like Merebeth Veit.

All of which adds up to about 60,000 miles a year on the road – moving about 100 pets a year from Point A to Point B.  (Her starting point is in South Carolina, but she’s covered most of the Continental United States.  At last count, only Montana, Washington and Oregon weren’t on her list.  Yet.)

Here’s an example:

“A young couple from San Francisco found a [French bulldog] online.  He was at an animal rescue center in St. Louis, so they employed Merebeth to transport him by car to their home in California. .. Together they traveled on a road trip through Colorado, Utah and northern Nevada.”

(Picture by Merebeth Veit, from BBC News.)

Of course, there is an occupational hazard to her job (ok, two hazards:  a cat bit her once).

“’I got so attached to that dog,’ says Merebeth, wistfully.  ‘I’ve got a ton of pictures of him – super sweet. … After three nights traveling together I was so in love.  It’s happened a few times.’”

But as much as she cares for the animals, she likes the travel just as much.  In fact, if there’s a place she’s never been and wants to see, she’ll just find a pet who needs to go there.  So long as the end of the journey is the end of a road, Merebeth Veit is off on a road trip.

As she told the BBC, “It’s a win-win, you see … I love animals and I love to drive. … I created my dream job: pet transporter.”

And if you’ve got a pet who needs a ride – you can find Merebeth Veit on uShip.