Meals – on Wheels

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On Thanksgiving morning, many of us will get into our cars and hit the road.

In fact, AAA figures that more than 48 million Americans will be on the road for Thanksgiving.  And for most of us, our destination will be dinner – Thanksgiving dinner with family or friends.

But some of us will be driving for a different reason, not to eat Thanksgiving dinner but to deliver it.

(Photo from Meals on Wheels)

All across the country, Meals on Wheels’ volunteers will start their Thanksgiving holiday, by making sure that more than 2 million seniors who are helped by Meals on Wheels, are they will have Thanksgiving dinner too.

Volunteers like Sherri in Decatur, Georgia – Keith in Alexandria, Virginia – Anastasia, Greenville, South Carolina and Barb, Sioux City, Iowa and Jeff, Merrillville, Indiana and…well, there are a lot of volunteers, using their wheels to bring meals to seniors who can’t get out, who can’t cook, who don’t have family, who can’t afford groceries.

(Photo from Meals on Wheels, Northwest Indiana)

…and you can be pretty certain, that wherever you are – Portland or Pittsburgh, St. Louis or St. Paul, Austin or Atlanta, big city or small town or out in the country – Meals on Wheels’ drivers are hitting the road, on Thanksgiving, and year-round.

So it’s good to know, whether you’re driving to eat dinner, or to bring dinner to someone else (or both!) – that with an estimated 150,000 gas stations around the country, you’re never far from the fuel you’ll need to get there.

And if you’d like to do some meal delivery yourself, just about every Meals on Wheels program can use an extra set of wheels.  You can find the location closest to you, right here.