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“Most companies that pay six figures to the majority of their workers aren’t big banks or money managers, but ___________________.”

Yes, we ARE going to fill in the blank from that Wall Street Journal story.  But before we do, try and guess what comes next.  There are three industries after that “but”, and one of them might surprise you.

Ok, time’s up.  And now, here’s all of that sentence:

“Most companies that pay six figures to the majority of their workers aren’t big banks or money managers, but biotech firms that rely on medical researchers, and energy and technology companies with a large number of engineers and technical staff.”

Which is to say, as the Journal said, “More than 100 companies in the S&P 500 routinely awarded employees $100,000 or more in 2017 … Nearly half of those were in the energy industry…”

We’ve written about this before (https://imaginethat.org/stories/highest-paying-college-major-petroleum-engineering-jobs/)

Petroleum engineers, of course you’d expect to find them in the petrochemical industry – but there are also chemical and electrical and mechanical engineers, structural and facilities and power solutions engineers.  Engineers of all types (ok, maybe not train engineers).  And it isn’t just engineers.  Artificial intelligence, programming, 3D-printing, drones – the petrochemical industry is putting all those tools to work as well – so if tech is your field, there IS a place for you.

These are pretty cool jobs (in case you’re young enough to be thinking about your own career, or mid-career enough to be thinking about a change).  You might be working with one of the world’s fastest supercomputers.  You might be using sound waves to map the world underground.

You might be doing your work out at sea – in the mountains – the desert – a downtown high-rise – or all of the above (just not at the same time).

And, as this week’s news tells us, you’re rewarded for doing what you what love anyhow (which makes it even better).

Got a company you’d like to know more about (maybe the one where you work now)?  You can look up the median pay here, “How Does Your Pay Stack Up?

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