Life in the Bubble (Hotel)

Technology |  < 1 min. read

Like the outdoors – but the bugs and dirt, not so much?  Maybe you’re a “glamper”.*  Or maybe you like rolling out a sleeping bag under a tree and calling it a night.

Either way – this is a glamping experience anybody might like:  a BUBBLE hotel.

Your “hotel room” is a plastic bubble – set outdoors in some scenic spot – and at night you are in your room, looking out like an astronaut at the night sky.

(And with the telescope in your bubble, you might see all that.)

Your “room” really is a clear plastic bubble, sometimes with an opaque bubble attached (if you’re getting an in-bubble bathroom, say).  A fan (quietly) keeps the bubble inflated and the air fresh.  Your bubble is waterproof.  You can have lights in it.  You can put a heater in it.  And it fits a bed, a real bed (of course, you can bunk down in a sleeping bag next to the bed, if that’s more your style).

You can even glamp up your own camping experience by getting your own bubble tent.  They are, apparently, not difficult to bring along and set up (so you never have to leave your bubble!).  You can even take certain models to the beach (just remember to check for the high-water mark before you set up camp).

Plastic, as it turns out, makes for an excellent window into the world, the terrestrial world and the world up above.  And the plastic which makes that excellent window, is PVC, transparent polyvinyl chloride—which in turn, is made from the petrochemical ethylene (the starting point for that, is petroleum or natural gas).

If you’d like to see what the bubbles are all about, here’s a quick bubble tour around the world.

*Glamping:  glamorous, or luxury, camping.