It’s recycling time – really

Sustainability |  < 1 min. read

We told you recently about the Ocean Cleanup Project – “a sort of giant plastic broom”, to sweep up plastic trash that’s now floating in the ocean.  That “broom” is out in the Pacific now on its trial run.  But after plastic is scooped up out of the water, then what?

Well, how about…

(Photo from Awake Watches)

…a very cool looking watch?

That would be the Awake watch – made with recycled plastic, recycled metal and – running on solar power.  Elle proclaimed, “This sustainable watch brand will be a smash hit.”  BuzzFeed wrote, “Awake creates flawless watches with the best solar energy.”  And they liked it on Kickstarter, where it was fully funded in just one hour.

Now, plastics are remarkable materials.  From plastics, you can make something transparent or opaque, clear or any color of the rainbow, something hard, something soft, something flexible, something stiff, something that can withstand intense heat or something that you can reshape in the warmth of your hands.  You can make a prosthetic hand or an entire exoskeleton.  You can make a package for strawberries or you can make the body of a car.

But you can also REmake all those plastics into something else, when that first something is used up, worn out.  And that’s one more thing we like about Awake – it’s a very stylish wake-up call, that our empty plastic water bottles aren’t trash, they’re raw material.