INEOS builds two hand sanitizer plants in under 10 days to help fight COVID-19

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Photo credit: INEOS

As families, businesses, schools, and health systems alike work to combat COVID-19, one of the best tools available are hand sanitizers. While hand washing remains the go-to, hand sanitizers are essential when you’re running errands, when nurses are rushing between stations, or when customers are looking for peace of mind.

INEOS, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, recently announced its plans to enter the sanitizer market, with new hospital-grade products. Given that sanitizer generally includes high-quality ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, two products that INEOS already produces, the move is an understandable step. Not only does INEOS produce the sanitizer ingredients, the company also makes the petrochemical building blocks (ethylene and propylene) that makes these products.

It also seems clear that the demand for trusted hand sanitizer brands and products is likely to remain high, even after effective treatments or a vaccine for COVID-19 is discovered.

America’s fuel and petrochemical manufacturers, who remain essential producers of both the base materials and hand sanitizer products themselves, are poised to lead the way on this front.

INEOS has quickly shifted production in this direction, building numerous new factories and moving toward a quick launch as store shelves remain bare of this necessary item. Two factories – in Arkansas and Pennsylvania – were built in less than 10 days, and will soon produce 1 million bottle of hand sanitizer per month.

The company has also stepped up by donating sanitizer to hospitals, which are regularly running through the product.

COVID-19 has shown the quick innovation that is possible under pressure, and how critically important petrochemical-based products – including plastics, polymers, and ethanol – are to our world’s response efforts.


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