Iguaneye launches stylish flip flops you can actually run in.

“Can you run when you wear flip-flops?”

For most of us, not so much.  But when Iguaneye® asks that question, the answer for most of us would be – yes.

That’s because the flip-flops Iguaneye® makes aren’t these….

They’re these…

(Courtesy of iGuaneye Jungle)

Some of the difference, you can see just by looking.  These flip flops wrap around your heel and your big toe, which keeps them on your feet – even when you run.

And some of the difference, is not so obvious.  Like the flexible sole, made up of cork, and a leather coating, and a hypoallergenic, recyclable elastomer micro-net (which is what makes the sole flexible and foot-fitting).  In this case, that elastomer means an elastic plastic (we like that rhyme too)…built, like most plastics, on a foundation of petrochemical building blocks.

The shoe also has vents and channels – to let in air and move it about – so your foot doesn’t get all sweaty and your shoe doesn’t get all stinky.

And by all accounts, they just feel good to wear (and they stay on your feet).  Pepper-red (that’s the one up above), Russian-violet, Hot-pink – they’re fun to look at too.  You can look at them for yourself, at Iguaneye.

Oh, and next up – a 3D-printed version of the shoe (including a super-lightweight edition made with EVA foam, which in turn is made from the petrochemical, ethylene).  So stick around.

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