How to Print a Bench From a Bag

Technology |  2 min. read

If you follow us here regularly, you know we like the news close to home best.  Usually we focus on what’s happening here in the U.S.


There’s an exception to just about everything, and today’s exception is the answer to the question of how you turn this…

Into this…

…the bench, that is, not the kids.

Because that two-sided bench, and the 3D printer that makes it, are in Amsterdam – so it’s there we have to go for our answer.

That bench, for instance, is made from the amount of plastic that one Amsterdammer (their word) tosses out in one year, which is about 50 pounds.  Making that bench from the plastic of old plastic bags (we’ll get to the “how” of that in a moment) – is the work of a Dutch group calling itself THE NEW RAW – raw as in “raw material”.

Did you know?

And speaking of plastic bags for a moment, the plastic in those bags is polyethylene.  And while there are different types of bags (grocery bags, department store bags, dry cleaner bags) and different types of polyethylene used to make each one – the raw material for all of them is the petrochemical, ethylene – which is made from oil and from natural gas.

They say, instead of chucking our plastic bags, or any other kind of plastic – we need to think of plastic as valuable.  When we are done with a plastic bag, we’re not holding trash, we’re holding the raw material for making something new.  And using a 3D printer…

…a really big 3D printer, we can turn that raw material into something new, like a two-sided bench in a park.

As for how that’s done, take a look:  How to print a bench from a bag.