Google Glass out, Goggle in

Technology |  < 1 min. read

Remember “Google Glass” – the glasses with the camera and the lenses like a computer screen?

You’re not likely to see those anywhere these days – but if you were out on Colorado’s Western Slope, you might see BP workers wearing smart goggles out in the field.  They aren’t made by Google, but they might remind you of the glasses.

The Denver Post describes them this way:

“…safety goggles that allow workers to read sensor information on their lenses. For example, when they look at a tank, the temperature, pressure and level show up on the lens.

“If workers run into an issue they need help on, they can call up technicians and show them the equipment in question through the goggles. They are coached on how to make the needed repair, avoiding the down time that comes with putting in a repair ticket and waiting for a technician to come out.”

So workers can see the problem (through sensor data) and the solution (projected on the glasses/screen by an expert back at headquarters.  And these goggles can work out in the (oil)field, for example, because BP uses its crew trucks to create a Wi-Fi hotspot almost everywhere its workers need to go (and on the Western Slope, that covers a lot of ground).

Big data, analytics, the Internet of Things – the oil business has a lot of Silicon Valley in it these days.