Good Mileage (Doesn’t Mean a Bad Car)

If you like the sound of 40 miles (or more) per gallon, you’ll like the latest from Car and Driver.

They put the EPA’s mpg numbers to a real-world test (see the explanation below), and found plenty to choose from:  13 cars and trucks, with regular gas (or diesel) engines, that you can fill up at your corner gas stations.

Now it might not surprise you to know that today’s internal combustion engines get better and better at using gas efficiently and powerfully – but, you might not have expected the range of today’s cars and trucks on that list.

Yes, there are the small and mid-size sedans on the list, from Ford and Kia, Honda and Toyota.  But you’ll also find some eight-speed rides from Jaguar and BMW – along with an SUV from Chevy (the first time a crossover vehicle broke the 40 mpg mark in Car & Driver testing).

You can see them all for yourself at Car and Driver.

And if you want to know how the magazine put these cars to the test, here’s their explanation:

“Take the EPA’s highway fuel-economy estimates…wherein the average rate of speed is 48.3 mph… Seeking a more realistic mpg number, we devised a test that more closely approximates the way many people drive (read: fast).  Each car is sent on a 200-mile out-and-back loop down Michigan’s I-94…during which we strive to maintain a GPS-verified 75 mph, using cruise control as much as possible to mimic the way real drivers behave during long trips.”

Click here to read more about what’s new, what’s next and what it means for you.

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