Get Festive With a DYI Ice Lantern This Holiday Season

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Stuff you’ll need:

  • Food coloring (whatever color you like best).
  • Four glitter pipe cleaners.
  • Two plastic cups (one large, one small).
  • Pom-poms (a dozen or so little ones).
  • Small rocks (if there’s no supply of pebbles near you, a pile of pennies will do too).
  • Scotch tape.
  • Tea candle
  • 1 cup of water (in a measuring cup).

What you’ll do:

  • Put four drops of food coloring in that measuring cup of water and stir.
  • Bend two of the pipe cleaners into circles, and put them around the INSIDE of the large plastic cup.
  • Put the pom-poms into that large plastic cup.
  • Pour the water with the food coloring into the large plastic cup.
  • Tape the other two pipe cleaners around the OUTSIDE of the small plastic cup.
  • Put everything into the freezer for a few hours (until the water is frozen).
  • Take the small rocks (or pennies) and put them inside the small plastic cup (to weigh it down), and then (gently) put that small cup inside the big cup with the water.
  • Take the small cup out of the big cup, then pop out (gently) your ice lantern from the large cup.
  • Put the ice lantern on a table (with the opening facing up!), put the tea candle inside, and (carefully) light your lantern.

And, if you’re a visual learner, or that just seemed like a lot of steps, here’s your DIY ice lantern video:


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