French inventor crosses the English Channel on a hoverboard

“Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird.

“It’s a plane!

“It’s…”, ok, not Superman — but it IS a guy flying through the air.

That guy.  On that thing.

In fact, Frankie Zapata just flew on that thing across the English Channel –about 22 miles of open water — standing on what he calls his flyboard (we like to think of it as a skateboard — with little jets instead of little wheels).


But that flight of the future was powered by a fuel that’s been around a long time — kerosene.  The same stuff that once upon a time powered your great-great-grandmother’s oil lamps.  And while you don’t see those lamps much anymore — for years now, jet planes, and even SpaceX rockets, have relied on kerosene for fuel.  Now kerosene is headed into the future — in flying skateboards.


And using an off-the-shelf, readily available fuel made Zapata’s flight a lot simpler — because he had to refuel mid-Channel.  To do that, he did have to land on a boat — but he didn’t need any special gear — just the same old reliable kerosene we use here on dry land.

And there’s nothing sketchy about that.

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