Frankfurt auto show showcases cutting-edge cars and technology

Fuels |  2 min. read

(Photo from Bugatti)

If you’ve always wanted a car that could do 300 mph — well, your time has come.  Because that car – the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ – can do  it.

In fact, if you were at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show, you could have checked out the Chiron firsthand. Hopefully you didn’t kick the tires though which probably is not a great idea on a car that starts at around $3.5 million.

But that did get us thinking, while it is heart-racing to think about going from zero to sixty in under two-and-a-half seconds – what else is new these days with the cars most of us are likely to drive?

Well, from Frankfurt (and CNET), we learned that the dashboard is in for a continued makeover:

  • Honda and Byton have cars with a screen that goes all the way across the front of the car.
  • Honda also turned the sideview mirrors into screens for the rearview camera screen, to the side, instead of the traditional mirror.
  • Audi pitched an almost no-dash look, replacing the dashboard with a dock for your cellphone, where you get all the navigation elements needed.
  • And car tech company Bosch had a 3D-display dashboard (no goofy goggles required).

As for the rest of the car. The day when you can summon a car, punch in your destination and sit back to watch cat videos while you travel across town. Well, that day is pretty far away.  But some of the features of that autonomous car are coming a lot sooner:

  • Like automatic emergency braking (your car’s sensors hit the brakes if they “see” a collision is about to happen)
  • Exit warning systems, to give you a heads-up when you get out on the driver’s side (say, if there is a bike rider coming along)
  • Lane assistance, the car will move you back into your lane, politely, if you drift out of it
  • Adaptive cruise control that continuously matches the speed of the car in front of you
  • Massage seats! Some luxury cars have these today, but expect to see more and more models that can make those long drives feel a little better.

You can also expect to see ever more infotainment options for the newly expanded screen that used to be your dashboard (unless you wind up driving that future Audi).  And the fob may be going the way of the key.  Hyundai, for instance, is introducing a “digital key” which would let you unlock and start your car with your phone.

But hey, reality aside, you want to see one more new car from Frankfurt, right?  And here…

…is BMW’s Concept 4 car.  Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING in the future is going to be great.  Or maybe you really like a pair of kidneys…