Everyone can do their part to plant a tree

Sustainability |  < 1 min. read

So you’ve seen the news about how much (a lot) carbon dioxide, trees can pull out of the atmosphere.

And if that got you thinking, “I want to do that” — you can.

Well, depending on where you live.  If home is an apartment, you might have to settle for some flower pots on the windowsill. But if you live in a place where you COULD plant a tree, you CAN plant a tree.  Or trees.

It isn’t hard, but it does require a little planning ahead of time:  What kind of tree will thrive where you live?  How big a tree will fit where you live?  What sort of tree is the right match for the sun and soil in your yard?  Luckily, getting those answer isn’t hard either.

Just ask the Tree Wizard.

No, not that guy.

You’ll be logging on to the Arbor Day Foundation, and using THEIR Tree Wizard.  A few quick questions and answers later, and you’ve got tree suggestions, matched up to conditions where you live.

Or if you’re a nursery kind of person, you could drop by and ask them.

Either way, going green with a new tree — IS going green for all of us.   So thanks.