Dow’s Plastic Road Project Makes Fortune’s 2019 “Change the World” List

(Photo from Dow Chemical)

Plastic pavement is a winner!

Ok, not that we are ones to say we told you so — but we did tell you recently about Dow’s “Plastics Road” — an experimental street at its plant in Freeport, Texas — paved with a mix of recycled plastic bottles and asphalt.

Now that project, which also includes roads in other parts of the world, has put Dow on Fortune Magazine’s “2019 Change the World List.”

Recognition is always nice, of course — and Dow has been active in the work of finding new uses for old plastics.  But the shout-out from Fortune is also recognition of some new thinking: that one solution to plastic trash, is turning it into plastic raw material instead.  Reusing it instead of tossing it.

So thanks Fortune, for the good words and thanks Dow, for the good work.

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