Calder Hodge has a dream: becoming the NFL’s first double-amputee QB

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High school football, like everything else, is just a little bit bigger in Texas. The game and its legendary teams are the inspiration for “Friday Night Lights” movie and TV show.

But most high school boys who eat, sleep and dream of playing football, taking the field on Friday night is not so out of the ordinary.

But as we first told you last year, there IS something out of the ordinary about 14 year-old quarterback Calder Hodge’s version of that dream. Because when he drops back or rolls out, he’s moving on two carbon fiber prosthetic legs.

And thanks to modern materials like polyacrylonitrile and state-of-the-art epoxy resins, all made from the petrochemical propylene, Calder’s prosthetic legs are strong, flexible, lightweight and durable, which is to say like a football player’s legs.

Calder Hodge is now in his first year of high school and you can catch up on his story below.