Bloodhound LSR to hit South African desert to break land speed record

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Ok, so the Bloodhound LSR is NOT faster than a speeding bullet, which would be around 1800 miles an hour.

But it IS going to be faster than anything else on land.  In 2017, the first Bloodhound went from 0 to 200 miles per hour in 8 seconds.  Fast.

Now faster is coming.  When the new and improved Bloodhound hits the road (ok, actually the desert) in South Africa.

The plan there, is to open it up a bit more, to over 400 miles per hour.  But even that is just the build-up to a run at the land speed record, which is 763 miles per hour.  And the eventual goal for the Bloodhound is to break 1000 miles an hour.

Can it be done?  Well, under the hood (metaphorically speaking), it’s already packing 54 THOUSAND horsepower, cranked out by a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine.  And if a Bloodhound was out for a drive, by the way, it could just pull up to the pump at a nearby airport and fill up.  Standard kerosene-based jet fuel in that engine.

For the final push though, it’ll get a little extra boost.  The plan is to add on a rocket engine.

So we’d say keep an eye on the Bloodhound.  Just don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.


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