A Big Game made super, thanks to oil

You might be a Hawkeye or a Jayhawk, a Badger or a Nittany Lion, a Bulldog or a Gator.  You might even be a fan of those teams that play on Sundays.

But whatever kind of football fan you might be, we’ve got a little quiz for you.

Here’s a list of six items.  Which is the one you wouldn’t find at a football game? (No scrolling down to the answer!):

  • Bleachers.
  • Cleats.
  • Mouthpieces.
  • Petrochemical Derivatives.
  • Pom-poms.
  • Whistles.

Ok.  If you guessed that was a trick question, you’re right.  You’ll find all those things, at pretty much every game, every weekend.  The trick is – that petrochemicals are used in making all the others.  Bleachers and cleats and mouthpieces and pom-poms and whistles are all made using petrochemicals.

In fact, athletic tape and clipboards (gotta have clipboards) and helmets and uniforms and kicking tees and shoulder pads and yes, footballs – they are also all made using petrochemicals.  Which is to say, today’s game wouldn’t be played without products made from oil and natural gas.

Now if you’re thinking, “THAT’S why he fumbled last week on the 5.”  No.  The part that comes from oil is on the inside of the football.  But if you’d like to see how an NFL football is put together, SB NATION tours the Wilson factory here:  The Making of a Football.

If you’d like to see how cleats or a mouthpiece are made though, well, we can’t help you with that.

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