Batman4Paws uses his Batmobile to bring animals to their forever homes

Fuels |  2 min. read

(Photo from Batman4Paws GoFundMe)


What if Batman hadn’t decided to make a career of rescuing Gotham City?

Well, maybe he’d have rescued animals instead.

That’d be Batman4Paws, and the man behind the mask is Chris Van Dorn.  Playing the role of Robin is Mr. Boots, a rescue dog himself.

Chris is one of a network of people around the country, who bring animals from shelters — often animals who’ve been seriously abused — and bring them to families, often in other parts of the country, who will take them in.

In Chris’s case, he combined his love for animals, with a fondness for the Caped Crusader — oh, and his car — because that’s how he gets those animals from shelter to home.  And while his outfit is a little out of the ordinary, his “Batmobile” is just a regular car.  He fills up at the gas station, just the way you and I would — checks the Bat tires and the Bat oil, just like the rest of us.

Now Chris does have his eye on a Batplane one day.  He’s a pilot and has already flown on some rescue missions.  But renting a plane is really expensive (find out how you can help with that, at the end of our story), so for now, it’s the Batmobile (“Holy Gasoline-Powered Pet Rescue Vehicle!”).

Here’s Chris’s account of one of those drives from earlier this year:

“Hello everyone!  Batman here with some good news!  Koko’s (a Treeing Tennessee Brindle breed) story begins in Tampa, Florida where she was found wandering around the streets. Eventually the good old dogcatcher caught her and she ended up at the Pet Resource Center…where she stayed, waited, and hoped…[but] like so many dogs before her, she was sadly put on the Euthanasia list.

“Luckily for Koko, a young lady, and her mother, weren’t about to let such a sweet dog…be euthanized.  Hours before Koko was about to be put down, they took her under their caring wings and gave her a second chance at life.”

Except that this new family lived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Enter the Dark Knight in the Batmobile and EIGHT hours of driving later, Koko was with her new family.  And where else should a Treeing Tennessee Brindle end up but in the Volunteer State.