America Recycles Day

Sustainability |  2 min. read

What will you be recycling on November 15th?

Why the 15th?  Because that’s America Recycles Day (just in case it wasn’t on your calendar already).

And what to recycle?  You’ve got plenty of choices there.  Leftover paint…

an old cell phone…

beer cans…

or our favorite, plastic bottles…

“favorite” – because most plastics are made from petrochemicals, which are made in turn from petroleum and natural gas.

Too much perfectly good plastic gets tossed as trash every year, instead of being turned into flip flops

Like flip flops molded by pouring liquid polyurethane into – molds, of course (instead of cutting the flip-flops out of big sheets of plastic) – and with digital UV printers for the art on your footwear.

…or eyeglasses

Plastic lenses are safer – and definitely lighter and thinner than glass.  (There’s a reason they used to call them “Coke-bottle glasses”, back in the day.)  Today’s plastic lenses today are made from a variety of materials (like polycarbonate made from propylene and benzene).  Recycle those Coke bottles for something else.

…or ukuleles (along with guitars and other musical instruments)

Should you be one of our readers with a few years behind you, the name Arthur Godfrey might ring a bell.  Or more properly, might pluck a string – since he was famous for his ukulele (And famous he was.  At his peak in the early ‘50s, he had a Monday night TV show, a Tuesday night TV show and a radio talk show).  When he endorsed the Islander ukulele, made from Styron© (a Dow Chemical polystyrene), 9 million of them sold over the next 20 years.

In fact, the list of what you can recycle plastic into goes on (and on).  And putting that plastic into new uses like sportswear or wine bottles or road pavement, means we’re not putting that plastic in places it shouldn’t be (like the ocean).

Not everything can be recycled, of course – but more and more of what we use today is being made to be REused tomorrow.  So recycling plastic instead of tossing it is good, because it means less trash.  And not wasting plastic is also good, because it helps us make the most out of our natural resources (those petrochemicals that we use to make plastics).

To take the Recycling Pledge and to learn where and what to recycle, check out America Recycles Day  – it has all of that and more.

And if you want to see what a plastic bottle dreams of (yes, really), the world’s weirdest video has that story (in just 60 seconds):