The whirr of possibility: printing with recycled plastic

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What if today’s problems, are tomorrow’s solutions?

That appears to be the future of discarded plastic.

Today, companies in fields ranging from automotive to retail to healthcare and petrochemicals, are finding new, innovative ways to recover, recycle and reuse plastic. And for good reason.

From food storage to sports equipment to life-saving medical devices and even home energy efficiency, vast innovations in plastic made from petrochemicals are helping us live better and longer.

Emboldened by 3D printing technology, they are being used to create affordable, customized prosthetics that improve mobility for the disabled. They are printing crucial medical equipment needed in underserved areas of the world. In fact, you may soon be printing car parts using recycled plastic, in the comfort of your own garage. After all, about half of today’s cars are made from high-tech plastic (seats and seat cushions, hoods and bumpers, even drive shafts and tanks).

One day, you could be driving a freshly-printed car, on roads that came from the same plastic bottles that were broken down to make those printed parts.

Reusing today’s plastic as tomorrow’s raw material? Imagine That.

Five Fascinating Plastic Facts:

One major car manufacturer is committed to using recycled plastics, like water bottles, for 25 percent of all the plastic in each new car it makes.

Healthcare innovators are pioneering and perfecting systems that will custom 3D-print artificial limbs and organs, made for each individual patient. In the operating room.

Thermoplastic casts, equipped with onboard regrowth stimulation systems, are cutting weeks off the time it takes to recover from a broken bone.

Drivers will cheer the pothole-spotting, 3D-plastic-printing drones that are now being developed to reduce roadside accidents and car repair bills.

Carbon composites and other petrochemical-based parts, are the key to the new movement to “ultra-lightweight” cars and dramatically improve fuel efficiency.

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