Generation Innovation: The Power of Imagination.

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Born after 1997?  You’re already part of the largest generation of Americans in modern history.  But strength in numbers isn’t the biggest reason to set high expectations for what’s now known as “Gen Z.” Because, instead of waiting for “my turn” to make a difference in fields ranging from STEM (or STEAM) to fashion, music and pop-culture, to expanding humanity’s horizons, they (and you) already are.

If you can imagine it, we’ll be part of it: building blocks of insight and invention.

Playgrounds in Space? Quite possible.

Humanity is on the verge of taking even bolder steps into what Obi Wan called “a wider universe.” Find out what else will go into space with the next gen astronauts.

The whirr of possibility: printing cars with recycled plastic.

What if today’s problems are tomorrow solutions? Take a look at how fields ranging from automotive to healthcare are finding innovative new ways to recycle and reuse plastic.

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