America’s fuels and petrochemicals are providing the raw materials for a brighter future, including everything from 3D-printed hearts to emissions-reducing concrete and cleaner, more efficient cars, trucks and planes. Imagine that.


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Portable, wind-and-solar powered micro-home for 2 can be transported anywhere in the world

Take note, Instagrammers. Van life may be a thing of the past. Introducing pod life.

New research shows that banning plastic packaging could be harmful to the environment

Plastic bags, paper bags, cloth bags, everything has an impact on the environment.  And what’s better isn’t always what you might think.

Conceptos Plasticos and Dow Chemical collaborate on innovative new plastic bricks

What if instead of that toy Lego house you built when you were a kid, you could build a REAL house out of plastic bricks. Now you can.

In Indiana, a new solution to plastic waste is emerging

A new plant that is being built in Indiana is the first of its kind in the U.S. It plans to help solve the "plastic problem" by turning plastic into fuel.

Highest paying college major: Petroleum engineering jobs

If starting at $96,000 a year sounds like a good deal for a first job then read on.

UCLA Professor invents new way to generate electricity from the sun

Bringing light to darkness sounds good.  But using darkness to create light is something out of a manual for wizards.  Until now.