This foam may be solution to quick, at-home repairs

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(Photo: Courtesy of Sika USA website)

Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to cut time, cost, and labor requirements when it comes to home improvement projects. For decades, small home-repair projects, including new fences or quick patches needing concrete have required lots of tools, water, and patience.

Now, thanks to fast-expanding foam that transforms into a concrete-like substance, fence and sign posts, and in-ground supports are now significantly easier to complete. Impressively, the foam sets in as little as three minutes, and is functional at a wide range of temperatures, something that will come as welcome news to those braving summer in Arizona or winter in Minnesota.

(Graphic: Courtesy of Sika USA website)

Made from a polyurethane resin, which is derived from the petrochemical benzene for isocyanate component and propylene for the polyol, the quick-acting foam is also as entertaining to see in action. Significantly, the product also mixes in its own packaging, reducing the need for extra buckets. Coming in specific quantities it also reduces waste or excess product.

The mix, easy enough for a single person to combine and place, is already on sale at home improvement stores across the United States, giving homeowners an easier way to make a big change in their curb appeal or backyard space.

Products like this one, which are made from petrochemical building blocks, are cutting out the middle man for many home projects, making them possible for more families across the United States.


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