The best tacos in Dallas? Pull up to the pump

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Where’s the best taco in Dallas?  Well, if you’ve got a couple of weeks and a good appetite, you can research your own answer to that.

But if you’re driving around to do your “research”, you might want to start by filling up, where you fill up.  Yep, we’re talking taco stands in gas stations.  Places where you, your car, your friends in the car – everybody leaves happy.

And because Dallas is a big town, we’ve got TWO taco-stand-in-a-gas-station recommendations for you.

In Northwest Dallas – try Bachman Lake Tacos & Grill (and you’ll want your Chevron card to fill up your four-wheeled companion here).

The Dallas Observer saw it this way:  “You order at the gas station register, the menu leading off with its best option:  the trompo* tacos…Once you order, your trompo expert takes a long steel blade and carves into the charred wall of pork.  A sandwich slice of the crusty ends and tender pork sears quickly on the flat top and is dropped into two butter-grilled tortillas…It’s stupendous, both warming and spicy hot, simultaneously crusty and tender.”

You’ll find Bachman Lake Tacos & Grill at 3311 W. Northwest Highway.  And you can go whenever you want because – it’s open 24 hours a day.

Closer to downtown, you can fill up at Fuel City.  Is it really a city?  No – but it does have tacos AND gas (Gulf is the fuel of choice here) AND a car wash AND some Texas longhorns grazing out back –

– AND, it’s open 24 hours too.

Zagat likes the tacos al pastor:  “The picadillo gets a lot of praise, but it’s all about pork al pastor with just the right amount of onions and zippy red and green sauce…Grab a seat on the patio and watch longhorns graze in the field next to this destination-worth gas station and car wash.”

(And no, by the way, the longhorns do NOT end up in the tacos.)

Zagat has the straight-forward review.  But we kind of like what someone wrote on Foursquare:  “…the tacos are straight up the bomb.”

Now maybe our Foursquare reviewer meant to drop a comma in there between “straight up” and “the bomb.”  Or maybe you’ll just have to go straight up the bomb yourself, to figure that one out.  To get that project started, you’ll find Fuel City on the edge of downtown, at 801 S Riverfront Boulevard

*A “trompo” taco, by the way, is “the northern Mexican style of taco al pastor.  Its marinade is heavy on the paprika,” says D Magazine.


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